We Never Awoke

In the beginning there was nothing. And then, a spark.

Dust and heat swelled to form great clouds of galaxies, planets, and stars.

When the planets cooled, rocks piled to become mountains, rains pooled to become oceans, and life was born.

Over time, life moved from the seas to the land as plants and animals learned to live in the light of sun.

When the skies stretched to illuminate the beauty of creation, women stood proudly, the origin of form. Inside of those women, a rhythm was heard. Children born from that rhythm grew to become our people.

For a time we existed.

Then came sorrow. Our people were cold and alone. We forgot about the beauty of worlds and found greed in our dreams and our desperation. 

Because of that greed, we consumed and enslaved one another.  

Because of those dreams, we never awoke. 

Our minds wandered in separate directions. We imagined artificial pleasures and selfish intention.

Over time, the rhythm of our people was silenced and forgotten.

Oceans returned to cover the land. 

When the suns grew old and fat the planets were turned by heat and exposure. The shale was like rain, and life was gone.

Our memories were embers in space.

In the end there was nothing.