I’m Gonna Go with the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case

Let’s get real about the design of battery cases for a sec.* They are all bulky wrappers that make your phone feel heavy and look like shit. No delusions. No mophieing about.

And that's exactly why the LinkedIn profile patent memo for one of Cupertino’s finest will probably read like: 

“Designed a squishy method for backpacking an extra battery onto an iPhone” 

Personally, I’m all in. I’m gonna use it when I travel and have battery needs that exist beyond my normal day-to-day routine. I think I’ll appreciate being able to charge the phone and the case simultaneously from a single cable. And, I think it’ll be super useful to see battery indicators for the case and phone from within iOS. If the case itself feels a bit more Apple-like because…elastomer, or because it’s Designed by Apple in California, great.

* No surprise that the armchair, tech punditry is up in arms and out in droves about the design of the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case, as the opportunity for rhetoric abounds in a conversation that is barely about design at all.