The Force Awakens?

— Contains Spoilers? —

Here's the thing I don't understand about Star Wars titles, are they like...questions? I feel like you can drop a question mark at the end of any one of them and they suddenly become much more articulate descriptions of the films.

Mostly, that's what I'm left with at the end of this film. Questions?

Of J. J.'s direction I'll say that he did a decent job editing himself. And thanks for that. My biggest concern was that he'd do a poor job handling the villian in this film, as is typical Abrams folly. Lucky for us he spent his 'stupid archetype' chips on Star Killer base rather than Kylo Ren, and I think we're much better as an audience for it.

Stuff that bothered me: 

  • Watching Ren and Rey battle through the same topography on two different planets was painful. Wasn't the budget on this film whatever? I wanna strangle the production designer.
  • I feel like Caverns, Ditches, and Hallways? was the visual and metaphorical constraining theme for this movie. Halfway through, inner me was screaming "Stop it!" 
  • The design of the Stormtroopers, shesanogood. They truly do look like a Jony Ive Joint and I really miss the look and the flair of the 70s. 
  • I can think of 5 other films where Andy Serkis looks better in CG than a zillion dollar film that was made yesterday. 

Stuff that I loved: 

  • The first shot of this film. J. J. didn't best Kubrick, but he might have bested Lucas. And it's especially great in 3D, which is something.
  • First flight of the Falcon was nail-biter, sunk in your seat, prayer cinema.
  • Chewie's character is massively advanced by this film. 
  • BB-8 isn't a replacement for R2, he's Disney's Mickey toehold in the Star Wars universe. 
  • No hands were severed in the viewing of this movie.
  • Watching J.J. (metaphorically) blow the shit out of the Prequel Trilogy with Star Killer base.
  • Somebody went out of their way to evoke that original Jizz-Wailer sound at Maz's bar.

If I could only make one interesting observation about this film though, I would say that it feels like there are a lot of scenes on the committee, cutting room floor. I expect many of those scenes to return at a later date.

Overall, I liked it?