Jennifer Daniel Burns San Francisco to the Ground

During her talk at Creative Mornings San Francisco "Shock" series last month, Jennifer Daniel brought up the subject of Invision's new film, Design Disruptors, before leaning into a more blunt narrative on the subject of Capitalism:

...when designers (from a group of very infuencial companies) talk, they prosthelytize “design” as a solution to the world’s problems, it’s important to recognize that when they say “design” what they really mean is “money”


Design feels like a very precise cover for liberal white guilt

I don't disagree with the message or the sentiment; design isn't going to change the world. 

But if we're going to have a conversation about what's wrong with the world of design today, let's also acknowledge that the conversation is multi-faceted. Let's talk about what films like Design Disruptors do to support a march to ubiquitous ideology. And let's acknowledge that there is a subtlety of discourse that we're sorely lacking right now.