Put It In Your Mouth

People expect the Apple Pencil to be a stylus. They hold it like a magic wand, thinking that it will spill out digital ink all over the page. They expect it to be as alien as everything that came before it.

I tell people all the time, "just treat it like a pencil." Let your palm rest on the iPad Pro like paper, focus at a small scale like you would with really sharp lead, apply pressure, and hold it like a knife to shade. 

Perception is a funny thing, and it's tricky to convince someone that you can treat a $100 pencil the way you would a $0.30 pencil. But the basic promise and behavior of an ordinary, number 2 pencil changes everything.

Hand someone the Apple Pencil and tell them to put it behind their ear (even though it's a little heavy). Then, tell them to remove it from behind their ear, turn it sideways, and put it in their mouth.

Just like a pencil.