See Previous Relationship With Apple TV

Apple TV sucks. It is the biggest, rebooty PoS that I’ve seen in my entire life. Jesus Christ. What torture.

I wrote that tweet a few weeks ago, and the honest truth is that I meant every word of it. In the months leading up to the release of the New Apple TV, our 2nd generation Apple TV has taken to rebooting at least once every 50 minutes of viewing, and on many occasions has refused to choke its way through the first five minutes of a production. It's completely possible that our unit is simply a dud or desperately in need of a secret firmware update that doesn't exist for 2nd generation Apple TVs. But I have been unwilling to part with the $60 required to test that hypothesis. Despite the relative affordability of the Apple TV line and the amount of television that we enjoy in our house, I've been a complete curmudgeon about what I perceive to be laziness or incentive conspiracy on the part of Apple. So, we've waited patiently as a family for the release of the New Apple TV, and now it's finally arrived. 

I sure hope it's great.