Den Sorte Skole: Indians & Cowboys

From the Den Sorte Skole newsletter:

We are super excited to finally share our new album, Indians & Cowboys, with you. The beast is 78 minutes long with 13 individual tracks (yes!) made from thousands of samples, lifted of more than 350 old vinyl records, bringing together music from 75 different countries across 6 decades and 6 continents. It’s raw and noisy, silent and calm, heavy and trippy, beautiful and enchanting. We encourage you to listen on headphones or good speakers, like with any other good music and please give it some listens to let it grow.

As always, all the original tracks that we have sampled from, are listed. This time in a booklet together with beautiful collages by the super-talented Claes Otto Jennow, in superior layout by Søren Severin from Re-public.

Haven't had the chance to do a complete listen yet, but so far the grittiness of the sound and composite art direction provide stellar experience.

UPDATE: Fantastic. Go grab it when you get a chance.