Shot on Apple Watch

Shot on Apple Watch

Written and produced by Stephen Loggins Parker.
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Q: "too many mind?"
A: "no mind."

Q: Why did you choose .XYZ?
A: Because it's 2016, and nobody cares about your TLD. Domains are a construct that should never have been exposed to the end user and .XYZ domains are the perfect way to illustrate that fact.

Q: So, you're writing now?
A: For a while. It's important to me to keep kicking the tires of the product that I'm working on. This is a way for me to do that.

Q: Are you sure that it's 2015? This site seems kinda...
A: I know, I know. I'll update the design and functionality as I go along, but I really wanted to ship something and get started on this project. Right now, I'm trying to model what a new and responsive version of Daring Fireball could be like. For a while that means just focusing on the feed to get the rhythm, flow, and typography of the content right. 

Q: Anything else we should know?
A: I might also try to use this space to periodically release side projects and new, individual pieces of music. We'll see.

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